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  1. Psoriasis- in- horses -cracked-heel- a equine skin diseases

    Cracked Heel–This is a condition that can be very irritating to the horse and difficult to clear up. It is a form of psoriasis and occurs in the hollow of the pastern. It will be found most frequently in wet, cold weather. Even in horses it is the same as the human condition and is both an autoimmune skin disease and an inflammatory disorder.

    Although not proven yet - some horse owner use the UVB Treamtment lamp with good results.

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  2. Diagnose Psoriasis - what to do

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  3. What you need to know about light therapy for psoriasis

    In the medical news today is a very interessting article about: What is light therapy for psoriasis?

    it will tell you from what happens, when you need or should do it.  Risks and side effects are very welllexplained.

    As options for the light therapy these will be discussed.

    The different types of light therapy for psoriasis include:

    • Narrow-band UVB.
    • Broad-band UVB.
    • Laser UVB.
    • Topical PUVA.
    • Oral PUVA.
    • Pulsed dye laser (PDL).
    • Balneophototherapy.
    • Low-level light or laser therapy.
    • UVB phototherapy at home

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  4. Red light treatment for psoriasis?

    Where can red light be used. Even with psoriasis it has some effect.

    Through grants and clinical trials in the years since the initial research, RLT has proven effective for some medical conditions, including:


    See the full article here:


    red-light-therapy-psoriasis therapy

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  5. Meet the Experts on the Frontlines of Psoriasis Research Home Treatment

    As in every field you will have experts researching the why and what to do with Psoriasis.

    We would like to introduce a few of them to you

    Nehal N. Mehta, M.D.

    Joel Gelfand, M.D.

    Richard Wang, M.D.

    Experts on UVB-Therapy from home



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  6. Psoriasis Treatments during pregnancy safe?


    Which Psoriasis Treatments Are Safe During Pregnancy?

    Unfortunatel only limited data about the effects of psoriasis therapy during pregnancy is available.
    It make it difficult to know which options are possible for pregnant patients and which ones can be harmful
    “During the pregnancy, the decision of treating psoriasis and how to manage the treatment options demands careful thought because the health of both the mother and the foetus must be brought into consideration,”  says it in this article
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  7. How Staying Indoors Is Impacting Our Skin - Psoriasis and Vitiligo important tips


    This article might just be interessting for people who will have to stay in home and can´t get out in the fresh air. Our skin care will have to change. For all sufferers of Vitiligo and Psoriasis it is important to stick with the daily routine.

    How Staying Indoors Is Impacting Our Skin & What Your Routine Should Look Like

    The good news and the bad news you can read here

    harpersbazaar skincare

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  8. Vitilgo and Psoriasis flaring up during Corona times

    The Question is and answered by an Irish dermatologist why skin conditions have been flaring up amid coronavirus pandemic. Everything you need to know from products to avoide, hand-washing and routines you should maintain.

    The skin expert shared his thoughts and reasons why pre-existing conditions may be getting worse and what you can do to stop it.

    The doctor said the increase may be due to a number of external factors, such as stress or a change in their regular cleansing rituals. Stress has an effect on the hormone Cotisol which can result in a flare up.

    Skin Conditions during Corona

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  9. How to treat and manage psoriasis with phototherapy

    Please find a jointly released guideline for Management and treatment of psoriasis with phototherpay publised by the ournal of American Academy of Dermatology. This will give you an inside of what do take into account if you treat your skin condition with UVB Light - which wave lenghts are important and many more information on this subject.

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  10. Do's and Don'ts for Scalp Psoriasis

    Here is a interessting slideshow on what to do and not to do with this kind of skin condition

    Scalp psoriasis often requires treatments that are different from what’s used when the condition affects other areas of the body, due to the thickness of the skin on the scalp and hair. So before you reach for any creams or medications, here are some do’s and don’ts for handling psoriasis of the scalp.

    Scalp psoriasis

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